We have new board members!

August 6, 2012

By Trisha Windham, Director


As most of you are aware, EducateDallas’ first chairman, Clint McDonnough, concluded his chairmanship following the most recent election.  Clint’s guidance and leadership during our first election cycle was invaluable to all of us and we cannot thank him enough for his unwavering (and continued) support.  Also, shortly after the election, board member Jeremy Clark announced that he was moving to Tennessee to take the position of CEO for Tenet’s hospital in Memphis.  Jeremy and all of his colleagues at Tenet have been incredibly helpful and supportive of our efforts so, while we were excited for him and his new opportunity, we were very sad to see Jeremy leave Dallas.

As a result of these two vacancies, we had two open seats on our board.

Keeping in our mind our principles and cohesiveness as a board, we thought about who could add value to our tight-knit group and instantly two people sprang to mind.  The first to sign on was Terry Conner.  Terry and his wife, Anne, are involved in numerous charitable and non-profit organizations around Dallas, proving day-in and day-out that they truly care about Dallas kids.  In addition to his charitable service, Terry is also the managing partner at Haynes & Boone and serves on the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Board of Directors.  Despite his busy schedule, and his countless other community commitments, Terry has supported EducateDallas since its inception.  We were fortunate then to have him as supporter, and even more fortunate now to call him a fellow board member.

The next ask went to Wilton Hollins.  Wilton is truly a product of Dallas ISD.  He grew up in Oak Cliff and attended the Law Magnet, Skyline High School and South Oak Cliff High School.  Having grown up in Dallas and lived in the area during his adult life, Wilton has an incredible perspective on the realities facing our Dallas kids, and the potential our schools have to provide everyone with an opportunity for success.  Wilton is now the Corporate Vice President of Human Resources for Global Management and has used that expertise to give back to Dallas ISD by serving as a volunteer on the district’s HR Star Commission.  We are so excited to have someone with his expertise and in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our school district to help guide EducateDallas in its endorsement and candidate selection process.

So, with our new members jumping right in, we are charging full speed ahead and continuing our preparation for May 2013.  Dallas ISD is on a roll and EducateDallas remains committed to supporting this forward momentum!  Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events this fall…