Our 2013 Endorsements:



EducateDallas Endorses Nancy Bingham, Lew Blackburn, and Eric Cowan for Dallas ISD Board of Trustees


DALLAS, TEXAS (March 12, 2013) –EducateDallas is endorsing candidates Nancy Bingham (District 4), Lew Blackburn (District 5), and Eric Cowan (District 7) for the 2013 Dallas ISD school board elections.


Through a rigorous vetting and interview process conducted by a diverse group of civic leaders and business professionals, EducateDallas sought to endorse the best and brightest candidates to help ensure every Dallas ISD student receives a world-class education.  “These candidates have a history of putting the needs of Dallas kids above all else, and the experience necessary to successfully manage an organization as large as Dallas ISD,” said EducateDallas Chairman, Mark Melton.


A former teacher for more than 30 years, Nancy Bingham brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.  In addition to her commitment to Dallas ISD, Nancy has also been active in numerous other parts of the community, including serving on multiple land use studies and playing a crucial role in improving city services.


“Nancy is an inspiring leader who truly believes that our schools are capable of reaching every Dallas child and opening up a lifetime of opportunity for them.  Her personal experiences have instilled in her a passion for education and an infectious belief that these challenges we’re facing are surmountable,” said EducateDallas Board Member, Raul Magdaleno.  “I am proud of the way she has represented her community and all of Dallas.  She consistently makes data-driven decisions that always put kids first.”


A product of public schools, Lew Blackburn has a lifetime of experience working in education.  He understands firsthand the challenges and rewards of being a teacher, and the responsibility that comes with leading a school as its principal.  His experience in district governance is invaluable as our school district continues to move forward into a new era of accountability and increased student achievement and performance.


“Lew’s tenure as board president has been filled with progressive reforms and a much-needed movement toward collaboration and cohesion within the board,” said incoming co-chairwoman, Jill Louis.  “Lew is committed to increasing student achievement.  With Lew, we know that we’re getting a proven leader that is focused on moving the district forward for the benefit of our kids.”


In addition to his experience with budgets and finance in his professional role, Eric Cowan also brings with him a passion for public education and years of experience guiding Dallas ISD through budgetary issues, new human capital policies, and a wide variety of initiatives focused on increasing student achievement.


“Eric is a very thoughtful, deliberate leader who lets his actions speak louder than his words.  When you’re looking for school board trustees, it’s so important to find public servants like Eric that always consider what’s best for kids, as opposed to politicians simply looking for a headline,” said Melton.  “Eric consistently supports forward-thinking policies that incorporate best practices from other districts and works to thoughtfully push Dallas ISD forward.”


The endorsement process began by inviting all candidates to complete a questionnaire, followed by in-person interviews with the EducateDallas Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse all three candidates, believing that their backgrounds and passion for public education make them the most qualified candidates for the Dallas ISD board of trustees.


EducateDallas believes that these candidates will continue to put students first in every decision, and will invest in and value the importance of human capital within the district.  To show its support, EducateDallas will make initial contributions in the amount of $5,000 to each candidate’s campaign.


For more information, visit the EducateDallas website at www.EducateDallas.org, or contact Trisha Windham at twindham@educatedallas.org.



About EducateDallas

EducateDallas is a non-partisan general-purpose political committee dedicated to the mission of working to elect high-quality candidates to the Dallas ISD board of trustees.  The Board of Advisors for EducateDallas is comprised of a diverse group of citizens from across the city of Dallas who insist on improving public education for all of our children.