Lance Currie

Lance Currie knows trial work requires a sense of story, fierce determination, and incredibly hard work. Lance learned the benefits of hard work, determination, and loyalty on his family’s 100-year-old ranch in Paint Rock, Texas—values that define his practice today.

Lance wants businesses to succeed, tackling issues with creativity and focus. He works with his clients to see problems from a different perspective. Sometimes problems can be avoided through creative thinking, but Lance is ready for the fight when the need arises. He strives for excellence no matter the approach. Through hard work, he is dedicated to finding solutions for clients in and out of litigation to maximize success.

Lance primarily represents clients in the construction industry, building on lessons he learned working for his father, who is a home builder and developer. He represents commercial owners and contractors in many types of construction disputes, and his cases often involve multiple parties that require significant ingenuity to resolve or litigate. By recognizing all parties usually want to build successful projects, he works to find ways to keep projects moving, get projects repaired, and resolve disputes with the end goal in mind.

In addition to construction, Lance has a significant securities practice. He advises those raising funds for projects and those managing funds and investments, such as broker-dealers and registered representatives. He has significant corporate governance experience, including representing directors and officers or assisting investigative committees. Lance also represents clients in the oil and gas, real estate, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications industries.

When trying cases, Lance focuses on telling his clients’ stories in ways juries can understand. Lance thinks outside the box and discovers nuances others may have overlooked. He builds a connection with a jury based on his significant courtroom experience and relies on being a meticulously prepared and determined advocate to find the best solution he can for his clients.