DISD Policies Made Easy!

We are so excited about this new tool that makes understanding the DISD School Board Agenda so easy! Policy Pulse is a new website focused on providing the average citizen with the information they need to understand the policies, and then providing them with the tools they need to let their voices be heard.  DISD affects us all, so be informed and get involved!  Instructions from Policy Pulse team on how to get signed up are below – we hope you’ll take full advantage.





1) Login with Facebook
2) Click on the Agenda Items tab and pick a Division you would like to learn more about (“Business Services”, “Teaching and Learning”,“Chief of Staff”, “School Leadership”)
3) If you want to drill down further, click on a Category in that Division (Financial Services, Procurement Services, etc.)
4) Scroll down to see the Item you want, and click on it
5) Up or Down to vote whether you like an item, click Vote to Pull if you think Board Trustees should discuss it today instead of passing it without a discussion.

6) If you have something to say, say it!

  • Select Good Idea drop-down under “Submit” if your comment is supportive of the item
  • Bad Idea if your comment is not in support of the item;
  • Leave a Question if you want to know more from the broader community.
  • When done, click Submit

7) Click on the Item Language at the top if you’d like to access the actual legislation and related materials.
8) Rate other people’s Viewpoints using the Up or Down arrows, and click  “Next Item” to move on to the next agenda item to do it again!
9) When leaving the site, you’ll be able to provide any Feedback through the app Feedbackify on the right so we can continue to make PolicyPulse better.

We appreciate the encouragement along the way, and feel free to email us anytime to let us know what worked and what didn’t.

Thanks for your work in building a citizen-powered city,

The PolicyPulse Team